Corporate Quality Policy

Prodeco Engineering Services is committed to constantly enhancing our customers’ satisfaction with the aim of building and maintaining long-term relationships through the spirit of partnership. We believe that the economic fulfillment of our customer’s requirement are the basis of our success.

To achieve this, a quality management system  is implemented, maintained and continually improved. The system provides assurance that our know-how and experiences provides solutions for building, infrastructure and industry with consistently superior quality, this defines the standards which are necessary for the achievement of our corporate goals.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment of awareness and culture for the quality system to be carried out at all levels.

Key elements of our quality management system are:

  • Responsibilities and authorities are well defined to enable clear leadership at all levels of our organization
  • Process monitoring and process improvement are facilitated by setting of measurable objectives for main processes
  • All our employees are committed to continuous improvement of our quality management system, effectiveness, efficiency and to financial success.


Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The management of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) systems is of pivotal importance at Prodeco Engineering Services Limited; representing a core element of our corporate culture and a pre-requisite to achieving our business objectives.

The management of these policies is premised on promoting occupational health and safety of individuals while preserving their ecosystems. We operate a dynamic HSE policy that focuses on:

  • Training and re-training of all employees at all levels of the organization on HSE matter
  • Setting HSE objectives and targets conformable to our operations, working environment and client’s requirements.
  • Benchmarking the policy against the best international practices, monitoring and evaluating performance to ensure conformity with these practices, while meeting our business objectives

The Managing Director, being responsible for the overall performance of our Corporate HSE policy has delegated responsibilities and authorities to all co-operating units within the organization for effective implementation of the policy in their various areas of operation.

At Prodeco Engineering, every employee is encouraged and motivated to strictly adhere to the best HSE practices towards achieving accident-free operations. However, defaulting individuals and/or unit would be adequately sanctioned.

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