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Every worker or employee would desire to work in an atmosphere where life is safe and secure. Therefore, workplace safety is highly important in every industry that seeks to promote the wellness of its staff and resources. As such, we need to bear in mind that safety is a condition that keeps you protected from harm and non-desirable conditions

At Prodeco Engineering Services, we understand our moral responsibility to look after the protection of our employees as regards their health and safety that is why we have incorporated the Health, Safety, and Environment policy to represent one of the core elements of our corporate culture for achieving our objectives.  

You may begin to wonder why we laud the subject of safety in our organization, come to think of this: how would you feel when a loved one goes to their place of work and before the end of the day you receive news of their demise or accident? This doesn’t sound well in any way, hence, we do our best to ensure that we uphold the corporate safety policy of our company so that our employees are happy to do their job in a palatable environment thereby giving the best of results within the stipulated time frame. 

To prioritize safety, our employees are taught to stay alert, be aware of their surroundings, wear the right safety kits, use tools appropriately, and reduce workplace stress. Below are tips for workplace safety for both employees and employers:

  • Your safety is your responsibility, take care of yourself and educate yourself on safety. 
  • Be alert and know the routes around in case of emergency
  • Maintain an organized working environment and keep things in perspective
  • Rest when you need to and be conscious of things/happenings around you. 
  • Employers should go the extra mile to educate their employees and provide working communication channels
  • Get to know the different types of hazards your environment is prone to and tread with caution.   

Although the importance of safety cannot be overemphasized, we encourage, teach, and help everyone we work with understand this and stay safe.

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